Seems like the typical central PA forecast—until the weather around those potholes gets hot and wet. Fortunately, EZ Street Asphalt eliminates most of the challenges of repairing potholes.

EZ Street asphalt makes pothole repair faster, easier, more efficient and more effective. You can also use it in utility cuts, overlays, catch basins, manhole adjustments, edges and water valve surrounds. The product works in water, works in cold weather, works whenever and wherever you need it—far, far away from hot asphalt plants and on jobs too small to justify hot asphalt delivery.

The key to EZ Street asphalt is its high-quality, polymer modified cold asphalt blend. The product is formulated specifically for our climate here in central PA. It’s always workable without warming–even in winter-cold conditions. No need to empty the pothole of water or snow. Just pour the EZ Street product right into the hole, and the asphalt displaces the water. You compact it and drive away.

And yes, that repair made with EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed permanent.

In an age of old roads and shrinking budgets, working faster and saving money is a win.

The EZ Street product has an extended shelf life. It can be stored at your location for up to one year before you use it. And it’s always ready to work when you are, even in remote locations where logistics make hot asphalt delivery impractical. Even on jobs that are too small to justify a load of hot mix.

EZ Street asphalt also helps minimize the inconvenience of road closures. Which means it also minimizes the liability of exposing your paving crew to vehicular traffic.

And since EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed permanent, that means one trip for a repair. No need to make temporary patches and later replace them with permanent patches. With a shelf life of one year, you can keep EZ Street asphalt on hand. It’s always ready when you need it, reducing repair hours for crews and equipment.

Hempt has a tradition of providing quality and value here in South Central Pennsylvania. EZ Street asphalt is a welcome addition to that tradition. Got a PA road crew? EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.